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Emerald Dam Ooty


Emerald is 20 kilometers from Ooty. Avalanche Dam is very near to emerald dam. This is a beautiful place with pine trees and farms surrounding the deep blue waters of Emerald. The  Kundah   hydro - electric   scheme   is   the   biggest   among   the   schemes   so  far  executed  to  generate  electricity  in   the   State.  Two  streams,  the  Avalanche  and  the  Emerald,  rising    amidst    the     group    of    high    peaks,   Devarbatta,   Karaikada,   Koulingabetta   and    Porthimund,   all    over   2438.40   m.   The   scheme   was   sanctioned   by   the   Government   in  September  1955  at  an  estimated  cost  of  Rs.3544  lakhs  including  transmission  line.  Executed during  Second  Five  Year  Plan  period.  A   combined   storage  by  two  dams  across  Avalanche  and  Emerald  Streams  with  a  capacity  of  5500  cubic  feet.The  Emerald  and  Avalanche  dams  have  been   built   across  the   Emerald  and  Avalanche  streams  which  are  two  arms  of  the  kundah   river.  It  has   a  total  storage   of   5500  million  cubic  feet.  

The   Avalanche   dam   is   372   m.   in   length   and    57.66  m.  height,  while  the  Emerald  dam  is  328.6  m.  lon  and  65.72  m.  height.  The   two  reserviors  thus  formed  are  interconnected  by  a   tunnel   733.77  m.   long   of  horse  shoe  shape  with  a discharge  of  capacity  of  900  cusecs.

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