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Thiruverkadu Devi Karumariamman Temple Chennai


Ambigai who blessed the Sun
One of the sportive arts of Devikarumari. One day Devikarumari took the image of old nomadic lady and went to Sun to forecast his future. Without realising her as Devikarumari, He simply neglected her. Devikarumari immediately vanished. Sun has lost it's brightness and its glory started declining. Realising his mistake He begged Devikarumari to forgive and excuse him. Sun  also requested Devikarumari to celebrate Sunday as the day of Devikarumari. Devikarumari also accepted it. He also got permission from Her to pour on her sun rays twice in a year in the month of Panguni and Purattasi. So Sunday is celebrated as the day of Karumari . We can happily witness the scene of sun rays falling on the head of Devikarumari twice in a year.

Devikarumari made Narayanan Seat there
Once upon a time Lord Thirumal came to Thiruverkadu to witness the grace rule of Umadevi. When Thirumal personally met his sister Karumari,  she requested him "to seat there as Srinivasan of Thirumurai and assist Her and bless the devotees who worship Navagraham and stand towards southern direction". He was happy and promised Her, that He would sit by her side and protect the position of Nine planets. Veda Viyasar was extremely happy to see Annai Parasakthi and Lord Venkatesan together.

Mahamari who gave turmeric
Two sisters by name Sundari and Sarathai were in the snake world. They were having enticing beauty and they could not get suitable bridegroom . To redress this grievance they performed pooja for Kali. Narathar came there and told them the time is ripe now; so go to Thiruverkadu pray Karumari and get Her blessings. Devikarumari appeared before these sisters and instructed them "Children ! Take bath in the Sambar Poigai and drink turmeric water for one mandalam and pray Sakthi. Your grievances will be redressed and you will lead happy life". As per instructions of Devi Karumari, both the sisters performed the pooja. At the end of one mandalam princess Sambu and Balan came there and saw Sundari and Sarathai. They fell in love with each other. Sundari married Sambu and Sarathai married Balan and they lived happily for long time.Even now the turmeric of Devi Karumari blesses unmarried girls with bridegrooms and child for those who are not having children. Patients are relieved of their disease.

Poorani - emerged as Neem
Neem is capable of putting a fight against god of death ( Yeman). Neem leaves are slogans! They are diplomatic ! They cure many diseases !. They drive away many evils ! Devi Karumari has said "I am living in the neem leaves and it will give life".People are getting neem leaves from Devi Karumari piously. Mantras uttered With neem leaves and cane drive away bad evils and the devotees get cured.

Muthu Veera Swami
Kasi city was ruled by Thulasirajan. His wife was Karpoora Valli. Both of them were very good couples and good in devotion to God. With the blessings of Parasakthi a male child was born to Karpoora Valli on Chittrai Full moon day. The king's astrologer who wrote the horoscope for the baby told if the boy was brought up in the place, the king dynasty would end; country would face severe famine; the people of the country would die. Other astrologers also stressed the same.

Kathavarayan was born from the rays of Lord Siva's third eye. Devi formed a garden on the banks of the river Ganga and appointed
Kathavarayan as watchman. Once he took away the dresses of women who came there for bathing and so he was cursed by Devi Karumari . Because of that curse he had to take birth seven time. King also punished him to die on pointed stake (Kazhumaram). When he was about to die on pointed stake (Kazhumaram), he got relieved from the curse. Karumari took pity on him and instructed him to sit on the North east quarter side and bless all those who come to see her. Celebrations are being held for Kathaveera Samy on Chittrai Full Moon Day. Kathaveera Samy is taken round the temple in glass tank which is the specialty of the function.

Devi Karumari driving away  disease with cane
In this Kaliyuga injustice and sin are growing more and more. Even the good people are becoming bad. To avoid this stage saints prayed Narayanan. Then involved Lord Siva and debated this matter to Him. In the end all decided to surrender before Devi Karumari at Thiruverkadu. Accordingly all came there and worshipped her.  Devi Karumari developed anger in her face, took the cane and wielded it all around and took a vow. She will make good people enrich and bad people perish. Even today those who are blessed by the ardent devotee ( Devi Yubasakar) with cane get relief from physical and mental agonies and live happily with the blessings of Devi Karumari. She remained so for many aeons and has taken the image of Kaurmari. Agasthiar worshipped her by early morning on Poosa star, full moon day, during Athi week in the month of Thai. Devikarumari was very happy and she blessed him " to make the world know a lot about Tamil"

Devi Karumari has reined over fine arts
Deva's chamber was full. Narathar who came there put forth his doubt before the chamber. Saint Vashister questioned him " What is your doubt ? " Narathar told Indiran to give "chew betel"(thambulam) to Kalaimagal and asked her to take her "art throne". Indiran went to kalaimagal with chew betel and requested her to seat in art throne. But kalaimagal politely refused to accept the throne, and told him that she was still studying a lot and it was fit only for those who learned the arts completely. Finally it was decided that only Devi karumari is the right person to accept it. Narathar and Indiran along with vanavar, saints and Balamurugan approached Devi Karumari and requested her to accept it.  Devi Karumari , an embodiment of love and mercy appeared as full light and accepted it with the comment, " Son, I am happy. I accept your request. I am very happy for offering me chew betel. Likewise I will be happy and bless the people who offer me chew betel". Even now, during  Devi Karumari Temple functions chew betels are being distributed. It is to be specifically mentioned that Devi Karumariamman is  decorated with betal during such occasions.

Kumba Maari
Honouring the request of Lord Siva, Karumari merged all the five elements in a kumbam and made Ganga to come out of it and sat with neem leaves. That pose can  even be seen today while she blesses her devotees. 

Naga Maari 
Devi Karumari told "If you pray snake idol kept under Neem or white neem tree, Karumari will bless you. If you pour milk in snake anthill you will get uplift in life and the bad effect of Ragu and Kethu will be removed ". During Adi festival, pouring of milk in snake anthill is celebrated as a special event. She gave boon to five elements, made them as five headed snake and wear it on her head.

Lion Mount (Vahanam)
Lord Siva  decided only Lion Mount  was most suitable for Karumari to go around the world to bless Her devotees. So mayai, "tharagan" of Lord Muruga became lion and reached Thiurverkadu. Devi Karumari was giving pose sitting on it. All are extremely happy to witness that scene on Sunday, Full moon and poosam in the  month of Thai.

Devi Karumari - Symbol of wisdom as worshipped by wisemen
There is reference about Thiruverkadu in  Kandapuranam. The history about this sacred place has taken place in the Theertha kaadhai, Kalika kandam, Sanath Kumara shemshithai in Kandapuranam. There is very high reputed history about this sacred place in the Theertha kaadhai of Kaligakandam.

There are references about this holy place in the myth written by the great saint Veda Viyasar. This information can be seen as details given by the Soothaga Munivar to the saints assembled in the Naimi saranyam. Apart from the mythic history many great saints came to this holy place worshipped the deity and praised the glory of lord with their songs.Arunagirinathar and Sambandar composed many poems about this place. Sekilar Peruman in his Periya Puranam has sung about this holy place and about Moorkka Nayanar. Apart from what was mentioned in the mythics and the songs composed by the Siva saints, poor lay men every day came to this place and prayed god in their own language and style. if we compile them then the whole world will be filled with the praising words about this place, the glory of  Devi Karumari and nobility of Vedapuresswarar with Balambiga.

Devi Karumari shining in Lamp
Holy lamp is the image of Adi Sakthi, the Mother of all mothers.If you lit the lamp you will have Prosperity. you should clean the lamp neatly, put the wick, pour oil, put garland and sing the song sitting before it. Then whatever you pray can be achieved. In Devi Karumari Amman Temple each and every Full moon day 108 married women will perform pooja for 108 lamps.

Devi Karumari enjoys swinging
As per instruction of Lord Siva all Devas, demons came to Thiruverkadu, worshipped Devi Karumari and wanted to enjoy the scene of her happily riding a swing. Devi Karumari conceding their request pose sitting in a swing on a Vijaya Dasami day.    They move the swing with the song. Even now swing function is celebrated in Thiruverkadu.

Devi Karumari having lingam in eight diections
Lord Paramasivan with his eight characters looked at eight directions through  His third eye (the eye on the forehead). That became eight lingams and added more power to Thiruverkadu, the abode of Devi karumari and they sat on eight directions. These Lingams are amalgamation of all these forms of God. Basement is called Brhamma Part. Central portion  Vishnu part and upper portion Rudhra part. The specialty of lingam is that unlike other idols the lingam idol can be worshipped from all directions. This Lingam having eight faces, facing eight directions are as follows:

Parvathi Lingam
Navamani Lingam
Bairavi Lingam
Sivanilai Lingam
Poorna Lingam
Sathyama Lingam
Karani Lingam
Varani Lingam

Devi Karumari has blessed that those who worship Her at Thiruverkadu will attain ashta maha sithis (eight great traits) viz. Anima, Mahima, Ilahima,Karima, Prapthi, Vasithuvam, Prakamayam,Esathuvam.

Vinayagar Peruman
Once upon a time Vinayagar performed Abisekam (pouring holy water) on Devi Karumari using Valampuri Conch which made Karumari extremely happy. So She blessed him when poojas were performed the first pooja would be done to Him only.That is why only after offering prayer to Vinayagar at the left side of flag staff we should go round the temple corridor.

Verkanni Amman
After worshipping the divine feet of Devi Karumari, who showers blessings all over the world, if you move to the right you can see the Agasthiar Sannidhi. Once there stood white Neam tree in the place of Verkanni. In due course it withered away. Now you can see a hole in the upper roof of the building as an evidence of it.

Glass hall
Next to Verkanni is the glass hall where Lord Arumuga Peruman is posing with valli and Deivayani.

Srinivasa Peruman
After worshipping Muruga you can see the Sannidhi of Srinivasa Peruman. Lord Rama, Lakshman, Seetha, Hanuman idols are also inside the Sannidhi of Srinivasa Perumal. Lord Perumal is seating with Sridevi, Poothevi and Sudarsana Alwar.

Third Corridor
If you move from this second Corridor to the third Corridor your eyes will enlarge in wonder. Like the mercy of mother the third Corridor is also broad and big. There are 13 sannidhis in this Corridor. Pipal and Neem trees are grown mixed together.Underneath the trees the idols of Valampuri Vinayagar, Nagar, Angala Parameswari, Uchista Ganapathy, Prethyengara Devi, Gayathri, Maha Lakshmi,Meenakshi, Kamachi, Visalakshi, Raja Rajeswari, Savithri, Valli - Deivayanai - Subramanyar, Byravar and Thurgai are installed.

Saptha Mathas(Seven Divine Mothers)
While Lord Siva was ruling Thiruverkadu along with Balambiga, Devas who were  tortured by demons rushed to Lord Siva and prayed him to save them. Lord Siva wanted to remove their sufferings and to give them peaceful life. So Lord Siva told Uma Devi alias Thiruverkkani that he is going to  the kingdm of Deva to redress their grievances and till His return He empowered Thiruverkanni to perform all the five sacred duties ( Creation, Protection, Destruction, maintain and bless) and gave her ashes from his body. In turn, Goddess Verkkani ordered Agasthiar to select a place at north eastern side to rule the world. When Agasthiar was thinking about a place an auspicious voice said, "Agasthia! the place where you are standing itself is going to be a sacred one". Agasthiar when turned, Goddess came near him and said this place would remove all sins. She performed five sacred duties with the help of ashes given by Lord Siva. At that time she appeared in the form of seven divine powers. The seven divine powers are as follows:


All these seven divine powers determined to save this world and installed trident at Thiruverkkadu in Devi Karumari Amman temple. Agasthiar portrayed that trident. At that time a mystic voice told Agasthiar that  three of us would move about in many places; three others would rule at three different places.I am the junior most and will rule this place by taking two different images. Immediately the 6 divine powers left that place. Then Devi Karumari took two different images. First one was looking very bright and beautiful. Second one was in dark blue colour. At that time Maha Vishnu told "Your mere sight will help the world to reach eternal peace". Then Devi Karumari showed her face alone and blessed. On seeing this Agasthiar praised her glory. This image is worshipped in the Sanctum - sanctorium of Karumari Amman Temple. At that time Karumari told Agasthiar "I will take the shape of snake and rule for many aeons from snake anthill; then I will rule with this image in kaliyugam from the temple itself". you can even now see that snake hole by the side of the temple.

Temple ruled by Mother
After taking the role of Kali, Neeli, Kortavai, Thusta Nikraha Sourbini Devi Karumari appears as a tranquil person - ocean of mercy and blesses evey one. This is the temple where Devi Karumari rules and blesses us with what we pray. She appears as karpaga tharu (heaven tree) and Kamadhenu (celestial cow).

First Corridor
After worshipping Gaumari, Maheswari, vinayagar and Ekambarar in the first corridor you can enter the sanctum - sanctorium. Now you can see the head of Devi Karumari alone, Her body being submerged. Five headed Cobra and hot fire can be seen shining over the head. Her eyes are full of love and mercy. Here She is self begotten. Rays from her eyes hammers success and she sits with pride. We feel enthralled. There is glowing fire in her crow with Five headed cobra ; golden flame in the eyes; nose rings and thali shine. Our Nayagi Eswari is seating with sathurpujam. She holds tapper drum in the upper most right hand; snake wounded around it. trident in the left hand sword in the right lower hand; skull in the lower left hand; accepts white neem as divine sacred tree of the place. We feel enthralled on seeing her face. Our inner feeling gets aroused and we start praising her.In the array of Kanchi Kamachi, Kasi Visalakshi and Madurai Meenakshi, Karumari of Thiruverkadu also finds a place by Her grace and by Her blessing to Her devotees.

Second Corridor
The Raja Gopuram (temple tower) at east is looking beautifully and majestically. After crossing the east Raja Gopuram, you can see a grand corridor around sanctum - sanctorum. The flag staff and alter are the only items in this corridor. This is second corridor. Sanctum sanctorum of Devi Karumari is inside the first corridor. Let us first worship Devi Karumari to remove all the evils that are with us right from the day of fetus in our mothers' womb. In the Second corridor to the left side of Raja Gopuram,  Navagraham (Nine Planets)  are installed . These planets will protect the devotees from the evils. The festival idol (utchavar) of Devi Karumari with great love and mercy is installed there. 

Third Corridor
If you move from this second corridor to the third corridor you eyes will enlarge in wonder. Like the mercy of mother the third corridor is also broad and big. There are 13 sannidhis in this corridor.  Valampuri vinayagar, Nagar, Angala Parameswari, Uchista Ganapathy, Prethyengara Devi, Gayathri, Maha Lakshmi,Meenakshi, Kamachi, Visalakshi, Raja Rajeswari, Savithri, Valli - Deivayani - Subramanyar, Byravar and Thurgai idols are installed there.Let us see the vasantha mandam(spring hall) in the third corridor. In that hall only Devi Karumari is being decorated and installed during Navarathri festival. To remove oscillations in our life she is placed in a swing.

Temple Tank(Thiruchambar Poigai)
There is a big tank in front of the temple. You can see flocks of fishes wade through water. The float  festival of Devi Karumari is usually conducted here. This tank has neat and perfect steps. This is the tank formed by Lord Muruga as per wishes of Devi Karumari and is called Thiruchamber Poigai.Those who take bath in the tank by early morning on sundays, drink cold water along with sacred ash and wear the ash on the body will have wealth and education. Other auspicious days for bathing and the respective benefits are as follows.

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